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At Israel & Co., we are creating a better understanding of and appreciation for Israel among the next generation of global influentials.

In 2011, entrepreneur Rafi Musher had a smart idea: that if young leaders would go to Israel, they could experience the real Israel (the one beyond the media headlines), and that their new-found connection to the country would ripple out into their careers, communities and networks.

Musher, who is CEO and co-founder of Stax Inc., a global consulting firm, shared his idea with fellow entrepreneur Gil Galanos, whose life mission is to connect people with Israel, and together, the two grew the New York-based nonprofit Israel & Co. to be a leader in Israel trip experiences.

Since its founding in 2012, Israel & Co. has grown to be one of the top organizations in the U.S. and globally that brings non-Jewish groups to Israel. (More than 85 percent of our trip attendees are non-Jewish.)

Our model is distinct in that it focuses on bringing present and future leaders to Israel in a way that is not only scalable and repeatable, but also customizes content to the interests of participants—ensuring that they connect with Israel on a personal level. In addition to our iTrek programs, we offer valuable programming and networking opportunities that connect students and educators to Israel.

Students at Masada

Market in Tel Aviv