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Israel’s political landscape, democratic institutions, many religions, and multiple narratives are unique to the Middle East. Israel is an a la carte buffet for policy wonks, from its booming hi-tech industry and innovative environmental solutions to its water and agricultural industries and security challenges. Delegations delve into complicated policy questions, visit the disputed territories, and meet with influential politicians, security specialists, historians, entrepreneurs, and seasoned journalists, among others. Participants emerge from the trip with a variety of perspectives to consider and return to their studies with a more sophisticated understanding of the region, its challenges, and its opportunities.

Student-led iTrek Policy

Policy students from top-ranked, U.S. programs create and lead weeklong trips to Israel for their peers. Typically, student leaders choose an area of policy to focus on such as sustainability, immigration, or geopolitics. Focal points help inform speaker and destination choices. Past trip leaders offer their insights and experience to current leaders, while Israel & Co. staffers support student leaders with invaluable guidance on recruitment, itinerary design, speaker, and logistics. The result is a rewarding, revealing, and customized journey through one of the most talked about regions in the world.

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