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Israel’s governing systems and Democratic institutions are unique to the Middle East and possibly the world. The intertwining of pluralistic approaches, Rabbinical and Shari’a courts, and ongoing security challenges make Israel a fascinating legal case study. iTrek enables law students to see how Israel adapts to this complex reality through meaningful content and connections. Delegations meet with the legislators, security specialists, and legal minds that navigate Israel’s multifaceted society.

Student-led iTrek Law

Law students from top-ranked, U.S. programs create and lead week-long iTreks to Israel for their peers. Trip itineraries reflect the group’s interests, be that multicultural questions, civil issues, or technology law. Past trip leaders offer their insights and experience to current leaders, while Israel & Co. staffers support student leaders with invaluable guidance on recruitment, itinerary design, speaker, and logistics. The result is a rewarding, revealing, and customized journey through Israel.

Students at Erez Crossing