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It is a culture of education and intellectual curiosity that drives Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit. On our iTrek Programs, student and faculty leaders see Israel’s innovation first-hand through incredible content and connections. Delegations tour world-class universities, technology incubators, accelerators, and R&D centers; meet in person with the top business and government leaders, and gain access to cutting-edge technology, inspiring ideas and game-changing opportunities.

Student-led iTrek Business

MBA students from top ranked programs in the U.S. and globally lead weeklong trips to Israel for their peers. Using Israel & Co. services and support, students plan and organize trips that meet their peers’ needs and interests. Israel & Co. provides support during every step of the planning process—including advice on logistics, itinerary design, marketing and recruitment, connecting groups with high-level speakers, and providing customized promotional materials.

Faculty-led iTrek Business

Israel & Co. works with MBA faculty members from leading graduate business schools that offer for-credit travel programs to countries around the world. Israel & Co. works within the framework of these existing programs, supporting faculty in customizing a weeklong iTrek for their students and making Israeli connections.

Management Consulting Program

The Management Consulting Program (MCP) partners students with Israeli start-up companies for an extended period of time (often semester-long), in a consulting engagement that culminates with a visit to Israel to present the project deliverables. This hands-on program is a win for both students and companies: It meets students’ interest for more sustained engagement with international companies, and offers a palpable opportunity for Israeli companies to benefit from cost-free or inexpensive research and consulting services from top-notch MBA students.

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