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Empowering Leaders With Knowledge About Israel

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iTrek Programs

What We Do / Programs

Israel & Co. offers three signature iTrek programs that introduce graduate students and faculty to Israel’s global contributions, innovative and diverse culture, and complex reality.

iTrek Business Video

iTrek Business

Our signature iTrek Program empowers students from participating MBA schools to lead 7-10 day trips to Israel. Student leaders, often Israelis themselves, lead their peers out of a desire to introduce them to Israel’s innovation and culture. Faculty-led trips provide students with a for-credit trip to Israel and an itinerary customized to the coursework. Our iTrek Business program works with the top 50 MBA programs worldwide.

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iTrek Policy Video

iTrek Policy

Israel & Co.’s newest program, policy students lead 7-10 day trips for their peers with a focus on the diverse policy issues faced in this complex area of the world.

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iTrek Law video

iTrek Law

Israel & Co.’s newest program, law students lead 7-10 day trips for their peers with a focus on multicultural society law issues faced in this complex area of the world. Israel is also on the forefront on technology law, and students can experience how tech law is advanced in international commerce.

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Supporting Programs

Israel & Co. offers support programming to engage student and faculty leaders with Israel.

iTrek Educators Trip

At Israel & Co., our goal is to get leading educators to Israel so that they see its value as a learning experience, and ultimately bring their students to visit Israel. We provide specialized Israel trips for business school faculty and senior administrators to showcase what Israel has to offer and to suggest activities for course-work and study trips; making it easy for them to choose Israel as their top education destination. In the last four years, educators from 50 top MBA programs participated from 10 countries around the world.
iTrek Educators Trip
iTrek Leaders Website

iTrek Leaders Resources Website

So you want to lead a trip to Israel? Visit iTrekLeaders.org for a step-by-step roadmap and timeline for how to design, plan and lead a meaningful, mind-blowing experience for your peers or students. This site offers interactive tools and videos to answer your questions, connect with mentors, and create content featuring Israeli thought leaders, innovators and policymakers. Benefit from insider tips, advice and insights all drawn from a deep well of experienced former trip leaders.

iTrek Leaders Workshop

This workshop and networking for MBA, law and policy graduate students provides critical pre-iTrek training for iTrek Leaders. New iTrek Leaders meet with past iTrek Leader mentors to learn best practices in Israel trip planning and travel. iTrek Leaders get all their questions answered, and gain confidence, connections and content for their iTrek experience.
Students at the Knesset

Israeli Innovation Conference

Students at Israeli Innovation Conference
iTrek Summit: woman on microphone

Israeli MBA Conference

Israel & Co. hosts an annual Israeli MBA Conference to strengthen the Israel MBA community in the U.S. and build a network of future Israeli-American leaders. This event demonstrates the power of community and shows participants what this network offers them as they grow in the business and Jewish worlds.

iTrek Summit in Israel

In March 2015, Israel & Co. launched the iTrek Summit in Israel—bringing together 400+ of the top business, law and policy students with some of the best and brightest business and political minds in Israeli society. The Summit featured high-profile speakers from government, business, journalism and academia who addressed Israel’s contribution to the world economy, its role as a high-tech hub, and its political outlook in a changing Middle East.
Students in Israel

iTrek Summit 2015