What is Israel & Co?

Israel & Co. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building a greater understanding of and appreciation for Israel among present and future leaders. We empower rising leaders to visit Israel and experience its global contributions, innovative and diverse culture, and complex reality.

Is Israel & Co. a travel agency?

Israel & Co. is not a travel company. We empower iTrek Leaders to do their own travel planning and group recruitment and organizing. iTrek Leaders design their own itineraries (with our support and advice) and make their own travel arrangements. Israel & Co. connects iTrek Leaders with travel agencies that can make the necessary arrangements for their trips.

What exactly does Israel & Co. do?

Here’s how Israel & Co. works:

We find influential students and faculty (or they find us) at the top MBA, law and policy schools worldwide who want to lead trips to Israel for their peers, students or colleagues. We then give them the tools, guidance, and support they need to get there, and more.

  • We connect these groups to inspiring Israeli thought leaders, innovators and policymakers—helping them customize content to their interests and/or coursework.
  • With our support every step of the way, leaders build their own itinerary and give their group an unforgettable experience.
  • Participants return to their professional, personal, and civic lives with a wiser understanding and connection to Israel—one that ripples out into their networks, amplifying the impact of their experience.
  • We also offer programming and networking opportunities throughout the year for iTrek Leaders, educators and students—all designed to engage present and future leaders with Israel.

For more details, see our list of services here.

What is iTrek?

Our flagship iTrek Program empowers students from participating business, policy and law schools to lead 7-10 day trips to Israel. Student leaders, often Israelis themselves, lead their peers out of a desire to introduce them to Israel’s innovation and culture. Faculty-led trips for MBAs provide students with a for-credit trip to Israel and an itinerary customized to the coursework. Our iTrek Program works with 50 top MBA programs worldwide, and we have expanded our reach to law and policy graduate programs.

Why do you work with MBA, law and policy students?

MBA, law, and policy schools that have strong track records for turning out future leaders and change-makers. Graduates will one day hold influential roles in their companies and communities—as senior executives, politicians, writers, diplomats, media personalities and more. These students are hungry to learn about Israel, and will likely carry their impressions forward into their profession and personal lives, sharing their experiences and shaping the opinions of those around them. Many of them already have a current practice of educational travel, and are accustomed to paying their own travel expenses.

How do iTrek Leaders benefit?

Our student leaders learn how to embody active leadership by recruiting and organizing their peers, developing career-changing contacts and lasting relationships, and—in a multiplier effect—educating their networks on their changed insights about Israel.

Are you a campus organization?

No, we are not a campus organization. Israel & Co. is an independent nonprofit organization with global reach. More than simply serving students, we care about creating and influencing future leaders who care about Israel.

Are you affiliated with the Israeli government?

Israel & Co. is a private, U.S.-based, 501(c)(3) organization. We are not affiliated with the Israeli government, although they have provided us some funding in the past. Israel & Co. is a non-political, non-affiliated, non-religious organization.

How are you different from any other organization running trips to Israel?

There are other organizations taking students to Israel, but none with a model like Israel & Co. We give students and educators what they need to lead powerful educational experiences in Israel for their students and peers (mostly non-Jewish). We connect these groups to inspiring Israeli thought leaders and innovators, and offer access to outstanding content. They build their own customized itinerary and have an unforgettable experience.

This is what makes our model different from others offering Israel trip-based education. Students and faculty organize and lead their own trips, and iTrek Leaders then recruit subsequent iTrek Leaders. This creates an on-campus tradition of Israel educational travel that makes this the most scalable and repeatable model on the market.

How can I get involved?

There are plenty of ways to get involved. We want you to join us!

  • If you’d like to lead a trip, go here.
  • If you’d like to donate, go here.
  • If you want to talk about ways you can support our mission, contact us.

Do you fund student trips?

No, we do not fund student trips. We deliver high value to our audience and, with the help of our donors, offer our services at no cost. The people we work with want to go to Israel—they see the learning potential and the productivity in it, so much that they are willing to pay their own way. In some cases, we do offer travel subsidies to iTrek Leaders and others.

Where is Israel & Co. based?

Israel & Co. operates in a vibrant WeWork office space in Midtown Manhattan and via a program manager based in Tel Aviv. Having our office at WeWorks means we are part of a community of creative people who are changing the world, and we love the energy and collaborative spirit.

Why do you care so much about Israel?

Many people around the world associate Israel with religion and conflict, which often translates into an unfavorable public opinion of Israel. We see a pressing need to grow a network of people who have an understanding of and appreciation for Israel’s values and contributions to the world, and who will take that knowledge and approach with them as they become leaders in their professional and civic lives.

Israel & Co. introduces people to the Israel beyond the news so that they can experience for themselves Israel’s rich history, business innovation, hospitality and complex culture, and form their own first-hand opinions.